Repairs & alterations

Upon return of the garment, we will determine if the suit is under warranty (due to a production error or fault). If a fault has occurred or error that is deemed our responsibility, we will correct or replace the item.

If a garment requires repairs or alterations that do not fall under our warranty, we will be able to provide you with a quote for the R&A. Unless covered by warranty, freight cost will be passed on to the customer.

The following list provides an indicative cost (GST-inc) of the most common repairs & alterations, but please note that prices will vary depending on the amount of work required.

Shorten legs$85.00
Shorten sleeves$50.00
Lengthen legs$85.00
Lengthen sleeves$50.00
Lengthen crutch$60.00
Reduce waist$85.00
Replace front zip$85.00
Replace buckle$45.00
Add knee padding$65.00
Replace reflective tape on legs$85.00
Replace reflective tape on sleeves$50.00
Replace reflective tape on back of jacket$35.00
Add knife pocket$60.00
Replace fly zipper for trouser$85.00

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