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If your aviation helmet needs refurbishment, we may be able to assist!

Aviation helmets go through a lot to keep you safe, and we recommend having them routinely inspected and restored to keep them in prime condition and avoid damage from debris build-up or wear and tear. We can help you understand how to do this yourself, but we’re also happy to provide that refurb service for you.  Other than replacing interior parts, we can also help ensure internal communication pieces are in good working order.

We stock a wide range of parts (including lenses, padding, cables & adapters, and comms pieces) and our team at Sisley HQ in Newcastle, NSW is proud to offer in-house helmet refurbishment and upgrade services. As the Australian distributer for the Evolution series helmets, we specialise in the 052, 152, 252, XPH and HPH but because many parts are interchangeable, we can also assist for most helmets in the market.

Due to our established relationship with Evolution Helmets in Florida, USA, we’re also able to arrange repairs with the original manufacturer if needed (available for Evolution Helmets only).

For an estimate of costs, please contact us providing more detail of your needs.

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